Autism Resource of the Week: 15 Indispensable Websites for Parents of Children with Autism

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[Source: Friendship Circle]


According to the latest statistics, 1 in 88 children are on the autistic spectrum, including 1 in 54 boys. It’s a disorder that’s still not entirely understood, and even within the community of parents of children with autism and educators who work with them, there are still disagreements about what therapies and treatments work best.

For parents, finding ways to help with everything from diagnosis to coping is vital. Here’s a list of 15 great resources  that parents of children with autism should be aware of:

1. Autism Support Groups

It is very important for families dealing with autism to have an outlet, such as other parents who are going through the same thing. This site connects them to groups both online and in their area that can offer that type of support.

2. AutismNOW

AutismNOW should be the first place you look for the latest news, research and information on autism.

3. MyAutismTeam

MyAutismTeam is a social network for parents of kids with autism.

4. is a great place to find a caregiver.

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