Book of the Week: Green Shamrocks

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Green Shamrocks by Eve Bunting is the story of a rabbit who plants shamrock seeds in hopes of having enough to create a necklace to wear to the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

He plants them, waters them and then waits. One day, he discovers his pot of shamrocks has disappeared and he sets off to search for it.

He finds them just in time and is able to make his necklace. During his search he makes a friend who attends the parade with him.

Gather the children close so that they will all be able to see the pictures while you read. Remember to read with expression.

There are lots of questions and characters so you can have fun adjusting your voice to get into the story.

As you read, emphasize the following vocabulary: shamrocks, sowed, perfect, spread and moaned.

After reading, help the children retell the story in their own words making sure to highlight the major events in the story. Ask the children what the seeds needed in order to grow.

Visit Pre K for a companion Planting Shamrocks Activity that Pairs Nicely with the book!

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