Career Corner: 10 Tips to Help You Rock Your Occupational (or other!) Therapy Fieldwork

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Editor’s Note:  We love Christie’s Mama OT blog.   Hopefully she won’t mind that we think she should alter her title just a smidgen.   These tips are completely perfect for SLPs, PTs, School Psychologists, and all the other clinical educators that read our blog!

[Source:  Mama OT]

Jessica is a first year OT student who will be starting her Level II fieldwork in an acute care hospital setting. She is super nervous because she is shy and gets nauseous at the sight of blood.

Jeff is a second year OT student who will be starting his Level II fieldwork in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). After experiencing a stressful semester, he’s ready for a “break” from learning and is ready to just “hang out with old people” for 12 weeks.

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