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Girls Social Camouflage Skills May Delay/Prevent Autism Dx

[Source: Science Daily] The new study, led by researchers from the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Children’s National Health System, was published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. “Based on our research criteria, parents report that the girls … Continue reading

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Pocket Devices a Big Help to ADHD Kids

[Source: Medical X-Press] For children who need help from so-called welfare technology in order to manage their day-to-day lives, it is important that the assistance they get is invisible to others. Many obtain effective help from an app installed on … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: School Counseling Youtube Video Resource Guide

[Source:  Bright via School Psyched, Your School Psychologist] As you know kiddos love videos and incorporating some short, fun clips into your guidance lessons can be a great visual aid when teaching a key character word or lesson. When … Continue reading

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Images of the Brain Refute 1960s Theory on the Domain of Language

[Source: Science Daily] In 1968, when there were no techniques to observe how the brain worked in vivo, the neurologist Norman Geschwind discovered in deceased persons that a region of the temporal lobe, the planum temporale, was larger in the … Continue reading

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Peds Therapy Corner: 10 Awesome Ideas to Start the New Year for Pediatric Therapists

[Source: Your Therapy Source] Do you like to start fresh in the new year?  Do you set goals for yourself to accomplish during this time of year? Being a school-based therapist is a wonderful job but one of the most … Continue reading

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