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School Nurse Corner: Why Did Evan Stop Growing? A Crohn’s Disease Story

[Source:  The Washington Post] Why is he so tired, Jackie Mann wondered, not for the first time, as Evan, the middle of her three children, wandered off to his bedroom to take an after-school nap. Small for his age, the … Continue reading

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Hot, New Job! School Nurse – Detroit, MI

Call Today at 866-733-4278, text us at 662-524-9099, or Click HERE to Apply Are you interested in a great school nurse opportunity near Detroit? We have the perfect position north of Detroit, near Farmington Hills, for a School Nurse. You will … Continue reading

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Repetition Key to Fostering Healthy Eating Habits in Early Childhood

[Source: Psych Central] Early childhood is a critical period for establishing healthy eating behaviors, yet many preschoolers in the United States are not meeting dietary recommendations. Now, new research suggests the best way to develop healthy eating habits is to consistently expose … Continue reading

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Early Lipids Boost Brain Growth for Vulnerable Micro-Preemies

[Source:  Science Daily] Compared with macronutrients like carbohydrates and proteins, lipid intake during the first month of life is associated with increased overall and regional brain volume for micro-preemies,” says Catherine Limperopoulos, Ph.D., director of MRI Research of the Developing … Continue reading

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School Nurse Corner: Talking to Teens About Risky Behaviors

[Source:  School-Based Health Alliance] Dr. Jennifer Salerno has learned a lot about connecting with teens through her clinical work as a nurse practitioner in school-based health centers (SBHCs). She’s created trainings and online content to help professionals talk to teens … Continue reading

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