Collection of the Week: Low Prep Fine Motor Activities

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[Source:  The Measured Mom]

Fine motor activities are so important to strengthen little hands before they’re ready to do all the writing that’s waiting for them in kindergarten and beyond. Try some of these simple, low-prep activities!

For years, I’ve seen fun fine motor activities all over the Internet.  Truthfully, we didn’t take time to do many of them.  My three oldest kids seemed to have strong fine motor skills without much extra attention from me. I still remember our middle son fitting a tiny earplug jack into its spot when he was just one year old.

But our youngest son still grasps a pencil with his fist, can’t do buttons or snaps, and struggles to make balls or snakes from play dough.  We’ve started collecting playful fine motor activities to strengthen the little muscles of his hands and fingers. Check out what we’ve found!

Check out this GREAT Collection of Low Prep Fine Motor Activities on the Measured Mom

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