DynaVox Affiliates File For Bankruptcy

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[Source: Disability Scoop]


Three affiliates of DynaVox filed for bankruptcy this week, but the entity responsible for the assistive technology products long used by people with disabilities says it is unaffected.

DynaVox Inc. as well as DynaVox Intermediate, LLC and DynaVox Systems Holdings, LLC, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this week.

The move, however, does not affect DynaVox Systems, LLC, the entity that produces education and communication products for those with special needs, officials with the company said.

“DynaVox will continue to serve its customers with the very best augmentative communication and educational products and services while focusing on accelerating the launch of several new products. The bankruptcy filings by non-operating affiliated entities will have no impact on the operations of the company,” Derek Harrar, interim CEO of DynaVox Systems, LLC said in a statement.

DynaVox Systems, LLC did not file for bankruptcy and does not plan to do so, the statement said. What’s more, the company indicated that it is run by a board of directors that is separate from the board responsible for the entities that filed for bankruptcy.

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