Feel Good Story of the Week: Amazing 11-Year Old Brazilian Footballer With No Feet, All the Rage in Rio (Video)

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Editor’s Note:  This is an oldie but goodie!!

[Source:  Huffington Post]

Gabriel Muniz may have been born without feet, but that hasn’t stopped the 11-year-old soccer wunderkind from honing his skills as a formidable sportsman.

In fact, Muniz, who is from Brazil, is so good at the sport that FC Barcelona has invited the mini soccer ace to join their summer training camp, the BBC reports.

The Spanish La Liga soccer club has offered to fly Muniz to Spain in September, where he’ll be able to show off his “fancy footwork” and meet his idol, Barça soccer player Lionel Messi.

According to the Sun, Muniz’ mother was “thrilled at the news.”  She added that her son has always been a fighter.  “He started walking before he was one. We would go after him, expecting him to keep falling, but he never fell,” she said.

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