“Frozen” Inspired Salt Writing Tray

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[Source:  I Can Teach My Child]

I am somewhat obsessed with the smooth, shiny, ice-like texture from corn syrup paint.  A few weeks ago we created a Frozen-inspired name painting.  After it was finished, I thought it would be a great for a salt writing tray as well!

Little Brother and I had a great time making and playing with this fun salt-writing tray!  It is a great way for him to practice forming the letters of the alphabet (in addition to shapes and numbers…and anything else he wants to “write”).

Here’s what you’ll need:  A tray that is a couple inches deep (I used the top of a to-go container, but a pizza box would work great too), corn syrup, food coloring, glitter, and salt!  

Learn How To Make This Great Activity on I Can Teach My Child


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