‘Grave Concerns’ About Popular Bumbo Baby Seat

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Editor’s Note:  A few weeks ago a blog post about the Bumbo Seat was making the rounds on Pinterest.   This article from the Baltimore Sun examines the controversy surrounding the safety of the seat, which the manufacturer insists is perfectly safe “when used correctly.”

[Source:  The Baltimore Sun]

Needing a moment to prepare a snack, nanny Teri Deel set her 3-month-old charge in a Bumbo Baby Seat on the kitchen floor nearby.

Suddenly the 20-pound boy arched his back, lurched out of the round plastic seat and struck his head on a rattle. The fall fractured his skull and led to bleeding around the brain, according to a lawsuit filed against Bumbo in 2010 by the boy’s parents, Julie and Judd Peak of Tennessee.

New parents and caregivers often swear by the colorful and quirky Bumbo, a popular baby shower gift that allows babies as young as 3 months to sit up before they are able to do so on their own. But even when the handy chair is used as recommended — on the floor and with adult supervision — infants are tumbling out and suffering cracked skulls, broken legs and other serious injuries, according to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Read Graphic on Injuries and the Bumbo Seat



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3 Responses to ‘Grave Concerns’ About Popular Bumbo Baby Seat

  1. Jessica Michaud says:

    I used a Bumbo with my son. On the carpeted floor while I sat next to him and played. He never got hurt cause I never left him alone. If he had started to arch or tip I was right there. If I needed to walk away I would lie him in the floor or in his pack and play (even if he cried). The Bumbo was perfect for him cause he was a child who wanted to move and sit and crawl from BIRTH and was always very frustrated that he couldn’t.

  2. Barbara says:

    I don’t mind people knowing it was my post that went viral on pinterest – starting w/ your first pin, Heidi. Sharing the news stories is a public service. I had no idea about the injuries until you told me about them.

  3. Heidi says:

    I am amazed at the number of comments we have had from parents saying how much they love it! I think there is an interesting side note that maybe parents just NEED TO WATCH their kids!! Anything unattended has a potential for disaster. I am excited Barbara that your initial post stirred up so much discussion on what is obviously a parent favorite product.