Literacy Corner: 20 Questions/Answers about Dyslexia That Teachers Can Use

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[Source:  Reading Rockets]


Dyslexia often is confusing for parents and teachers as the manner in which it presents can differ widely among children and youths. Dyslexia can go undetected for a long time, but it is neurologically based, known to be inherited, and will not be outgrown. Once students fall behind, their problems connected with reading, writing, and spelling can become complicated by negative feelings that affect their self-esteem. Based on the article, “20 Things Only Parents Of Children With Dyslexia Would Understand,” posted on the Massachusetts-based Health Cares Solutions Plus* website, I came up with twenty questions. Teachers can use these to reflect on, evaluate and craft their current practice so that their instruction becomes the best possible for students who struggle due to dyslexia.

These are by no means the only questions that need answers about instructing students with dyslexia, but they are a start and can chart a course correction. The Questions with a link to the answers:

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