Mu­sic Play­school En­hances Chil­dren’s Lin­guistic Skills

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[Source:  Science Daily]

Researchers at Cognitive Brain Research Unit in the University of Helsinki studied in a community setting whether a low-cost, weekly music playschool provided to 5-6-year-old children in kindergartens affects their linguistic abilities.

The children (N=66) were tested four times over two school-years with phoneme processing and vocabulary subtests, along with tests for perceptual reasoning skills and inhibitory control.

According to the results, published in Scientific Reports, music playschool significantly improved the development of children’s phoneme processing and vocabulary skills, compared to their peers either attending to similarly organized dance lessons or not attending to either activity.

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One Response to Mu­sic Play­school En­hances Chil­dren’s Lin­guistic Skills

  1. EAdeline Cully says:

    Great articles and information in your news and specific articles.
    I was encouraged by being given music lessons i.e. piano and singing at 5 years and growing up with a blind Aunt enjoyed her organ playing and family musical getogethers snd singing.
    Also I grew up listening to the radio and music as well as records. I am 74 yrs young and recently composed a new hymn for our Celtic Church…..yes early exposure works and my eldest son sings and pjays guitar in rock band.