OT Corner: 11 Environmental Factors Hindering Your Students’ Handwriting

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[Source:  OT School House]

As we continue with our January theme of handwriting, I wanted to share a list of environmental factors that could be inhibiting or even preventing your students for effectively writing in class.

Before I get to the list and some supporting comments, I want to point out just why looking at the contextual environment is so important when it comes to handwriting.

Can you imagine writing a 5-paragraph essay on a desk the size of a small picture frame? Now imagine writing it while relaxing in a bean bag, or even laying on the floor. These would be uncomfortable positions, right?

Well, now imagine you are still trying to learn how to write your name and the alphabet and you are forced to write in these same awkward positions. It may seem counterintuitive when you think about it, but sometimes we expect our students to do this very thing without even knowing it.

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