OT Corner: Dysgraphia – Types, Symptoms and How to Help

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Do you work with children who have trouble with the ability to write, regardless of their ability to read?  Perhaps you have students without cognitive impairment, who continue to struggle with written expression.  If you work with students who have ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, you may encounter difficulties with written expression as well considering that a recent study indicated that 59% had dysgraphia, and 92% had a weakness in graphomotor ability relative to other abilities (Mayes et. al, 2017).

Sue Ramin-Hutchison (Certified Teacher Consultant for Physically & Otherwise Health Impaired Students, Assistive Technology Support Specialist and Special Education/Section 504 Advocate) and Merri Domer (Special Needs Technology Consultant), have compiled helpful information on Dysgraphia – Types, Symptoms and How to Help:

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