OT Corner: Making Sense out of Sensory Integration

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After 30 years as an occupational therapist treating sensory integration difficulties to improve functional skills in children and adolescents, I still find understanding and explaining sensory integration disorders challenging.  Clearly describing and explaining sensory integration disorders promotes sensory integration intervention.  This blog post provides a basic understanding of sensory integration disorders as a foundation for my next several blog posts, which will discuss how specific Sensory Processing Disorders affect mental health and describe sensory integration intervention strategies.

Sensory Integration difficulties are currently referred to as Sensory Processing Disorders and consist of 3 major categories of disorders.  An understanding of the differences, similarities, and relationship between the 3 major categories of Sensory Integration difficulties guides assessment and intervention.  The 3 major categories of Sensory Processing Disorders are Sensory Modulation, Sensory Discrimination, and Sensory Based Motor Disorders.

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