Pediatric Therapy Corner: Autism in the Schools: 5 Team Tips

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by Kristine of Listen, Speak, Play as featured on Playing with Words 365

Recent findings show that 1/88 children will be affected by Autism.

Special Education is about about providing support and services for one curriculum – the general education curriculum. Special Education consists of supports and services, it is not a place. All students should learn in the general education enviroment to the greatest extent possible. There are no easy answers, but I would like to outline some collaboritive strategies to help teachers, therapists, parents, etc. when working with students with Autism in the schools.

1. Understand the symptoms and challenges of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

One of the most effective ways to help these students is to educate the team. Share your knowledge about Autism and the variety of symptoms that can present themselves. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I personally like to talk about sensitivity awareness and share this visual with my team. What you see, is not always what you think – it’s a nice reminder… for everyone!

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