Pediatric Therapy Corner: October 6 is World Cerebral Palsy Day

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[Source:  The Mighty]

October 6 is World Cerebral Palsy Day. If you’re like most people with a passing interest in Today’s Very Important Day, you may check out a few facts and learn things like 17 million people have cerebral palsy and 1 in 500 babies is diagnosed with CP. You may watch a viral Facebook video. Maybe you’ll add a frame to your profile picture. That’s the extent of attention many people will give to World CP Day. They know cerebral palsy exists, so that’s good enough, right?

This year, we ask you to go beyond “awareness” and look deeper. Take some time to learn not just what cerebral palsy is but about the lives of people who have it. Question the stereotypes you may hold about disability, about people who move or speak differently. Talk to someone with cerebral palsy. Hire someone with cerebral palsy. Date someone with cerebral palsy.

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