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So Simple, yet so smart!!

Does your child fidget in his chair because his feet don’t reach the floor and he doesn’t have a good base of support? Then you need this easy homemade item. Just make a box out of wood and put holes in the top front big enough to fit the front legs of the chair in them (like a box to step up on that is secure). Having the legs in the box is key so the child can not play with the box and kick it or push it around. Have the child decorate his box and personalize it with paint, his/her name etc. Make it tall enough to have the child’s knee bend at a 90 degree angle so that he/she has a better base of support and you will see the fidgeting stop and his attention increase.

This was done for a preschooler with suspected ADHD and it made the biggest difference in the child. Simple and easy!

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