PT Corner: Incorporating Movement Into Calendar Time

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As a physical therapist we use numbers all the time.  We count reps all the time.  In school we will do warm-ups where we incorporate counting.  I made cards with numbers 1-30 in the past to make warm-ups more fun than just counting.  I let the kids pick their cards and and we perform the action on the card associated with the number. Thanks to some great feedback from teachers that have used my cards, I’ve learned that they have been using them at their calendar time as a way of moving.

My mom recently tried my Moving With Numbers cards as part of her calendar time.  She said it was quite a hit! She also loved how it engaged all of the kids and they were all participating and learning.  They would pick the card associated with the number on the calendar and they would perform the action.  It was a great way to make circle time even more active and work on movement with number associations.

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