School Psych Corner: Helping Children Coping with a Family Member with Young Onset Dementia

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[Source:  Medical X-Press]


A pioneering study led by researchers from the University of Sheffield is helping to give a voice to children and young adults who are living with a parent with dementia.

There are estimated to be at least 42,325 people in the UK under 65 living with a variant of young onset dementia.
Many of those affected by the disease are parents of children and young people who are left feeling isolated and afraid as they try to cope with the loss of their mother or father.
For the first time, researchers from the University of Sheffield’s School of Education have examined the perceptions and experiences of children and young people who have a parent with dementia by giving them the opportunity to tell their stories.

The ground-breaking project aims to raise awareness of the impact the disease has on the youngsters – especially their education and schooling – and to highlight the fact there is now a growing number of under 25s living with a parent with dementia due to improved diagnosis and demographic changes such as people choosing to have children later in life.

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