Pediatric Therapy Corner: How an SLP and OT Collaborate Long-Distance

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[Source:  The ASHA Leader Blog]


As speech-language pathologists, we all experience stories of working as an interdisciplinary team. In this story,  co-treatment brought us together and keeps us in touch today. Our relationship naturally affected us professionally, but personally as well.

This story shares some of my adventures—I’m Stephanie Sigal, an SLP in Manhattan, with my friend and colleague Michelle Bonang, an occupational therapist in Vermont. Together, we teach each other invaluable skills.

During the winter of 2005, we both provided in-home treatment to children in Manhattan. A father of a client we both saw asked us to collaborate. “Ethan,” age 2, worked on fine and sensory motor skills with Michelle, while I worked with him on articulation and oral motor skills.

Michelle and I instantly clicked and started carrying over each other’s treatment activities to meet Ethan’s goals. Michelle helped emphasize speech goals by addressing target

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