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Pediatric Therapy Corner: More Than Picky Eating – ARFID

[Source:  Child Mind Institute]

Whether they’re sitting down to a weekday dinner or a holiday feast, it’s normal for kids to have some foods they just won’t touch. But when picky eating is so extreme that it gets in the way of a child’s physical or mental health, they could be experiencing an eating disorder called ARFID, which stands for “avoidant restrictive food intake disorder.” Kids with ARFID aren’t trying to lose weight. But they restrict their eating for other reasons, like fear of choking or vomiting, or a need to avoid certain flavors, textures or even colors of food.

This week on we take a close look at how to recognize and treat ARFID, which can harm kids’ growth, physical health and emotional wellbeing. Picky eating can also be a problem for kids who don’t have ARFID, so we have tips for getting them help and encouraging more adventurous eating. Plus, strategies for supporting kids with autism who are picky eaters.

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