Snowflake Crafts for Therapy

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[Source:  No Time for Flash Cards]

January is a long month; I was going to write for preschool teachers, but it’s long for everyone. Luckily the children are eager to get back into a routine and if you are at home with a preschooler these snowflake crafts are perfect for that time between when kids wake up from their naps and when you have to start throwing dinner together. That time can be magical or a mess, it’s all about planning. Scroll through this list of snowflake crafts, check out the books after the crafts and choose a few to do next week.  If you are a teacher snowflake crafts are great because so many of these are wide open, they may be in the shape of snowflakes, but your students have plenty of opportunities to focus on the process. I mean every snowflake is unique, right?

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