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Think Twice, Speak Once: Bilinguals Process Both Languages Simultaneously

[Source:  Science Daily] Bilingual speakers can switch languages seamlessly, likely developing a higher level of mental flexibility than monolinguals, according to Penn State linguistic researchers. “In the past, bilinguals were looked down upon,” said Judith F. Kroll, Distinguished Professor of … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner Too: How Teachers and Therapists Work Together to Facilitate Self Regulation

[Source:  The Friendship Circle] It’s back to school time and that means changes in routine for many students with Autism, especially in Early Childhood special education settings. New federal/state regulations and service delivery mandates, budget cuts, and an increasing emphasis … Continue reading

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App Review: Toca Kitchen

[Source:  Bridging Apps] Toca Kitchen is a cute, creative play app. It helps promote expressive naming as well as conversation. When using this app in therapy, we talk about what the character might like, name all the foods and cooking … Continue reading

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With Horses and iPads, Children with Autism Learn to Communicate

[Source:  Science Daily] Luke, a 7-year-old boy with autism had primarily only expressed requests to his parents (e.g., I want a drink), but this past year he was given a 1-pound iPad, introduced to a 1,000 pound horse and a … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: 11 Things a Special Needs Dad Wants You to Know

Here is a great article by my friend Gary Dietz who is writing / editing a book by and for Dads of Kids with Disabilities.   Please learn more about Gary’s project, (and read his great essay) below and in this … Continue reading

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