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Bone Hormone Influences Brain Development and Cognition

[Source:  Science Daily] Researchers from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have found that the skeleton, acting through the bone-derived hormone osteocalcin, exerts a powerful influence on prenatal brain development and cognitive functions such as learning, memory, anxiety, and depression in … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Making Sense out of Sensory Integration

[Source: Fab Strategies Blog] After 30 years as an occupational therapist treating sensory integration difficulties to improve functional skills in children and adolescents, I still find understanding and explaining sensory integration disorders challenging.  Clearly describing and explaining sensory integration disorders … Continue reading

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On the Sweeter Side: A Perfect Illustration!

This is wonderful!  If you ever wanted a single illustration that could show your colleagues how a child with autism might think differently about certain things – and be ‘spot on’ in his own way – this would be it! … Continue reading

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Responsive Interactions Key to Toddlers’ Ability to Learn Language

[Source:  Science Daily] Young children readily learn words from their parents, grandparents, and child care providers in live conversations, but learning from video has proven more difficult. A new study questioned why and found that it’s the responsiveness of the … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: SLPs Needed for Survey – How Do You Use Twitter?

by Audrey Taylor Klingersmith Hi SLPeeps and SLP2Bs! A group of us are conducting some preliminary research via survey about how SLPs and SLP students are using Twitter professionally and academically. If you use Twitter at all (even infrequently), we’d … Continue reading

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