‘Wait and see’ for Preschoolers Who Stutter Not Best Approach

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[Source:  Medical News Today]

The majority of preschool children who stutter will grow out of it, but a wait-and-see approach can harm those who ultimately don’t recover and set them back academically and socially, say Purdue University speech experts.

“The recovery rate is high, about 50 percent for 4- and 5-year olds who stutter, and so it is often suggested to wait and see, but that is not always the best approach. Early intervention is critical for those children who will not grow out of stuttering,” says Bridget Walsh, a research scientist and speech-language pathologist with the Purdue Stuttering Project. “We want children to be successful communicators from the start. The longer a child stutters maladaptive speech patterns may become more ingrained and less amenable to treatment. For some children, stuttering can become a severe lifelong disability.”

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