I Spy "Back to School" Literacy Activities

LMNtree[Source: LMN Tree via Classroom Freebies]
Literacy activities help students become better readers and writers. Activities can target specific skills such as building vocabulary, decoding words, improving grammar and writing skill, and activities to  improve fluency. When literacy activities are used with thematic units they give students more opportunities to use the words associated with the theme and become more proficient at reading and feel successful.
I have put together a great Freebie packet of 2 “I Spy” literacy activities where students will match a clue with picture/word card or word card and then write their answers on their recording card as you can see below. (B/W copy included.) There is one activity with School Things and one with School People and Places.
Download this Back to School Literacy Freebie from the LMN Tree blog


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