SLP Corner: 10 Speech-Language Ways to Play with Wind Up Toys

10wayswindup[Source:  The Speech Room News]
by Jenna Rayburn

Wind up toys are some of my favorite toys for preschool.  I just love them! I find them super useful for our youngest communicators because they are very  entertaining but need an adult to activate (usually!)

1.  Joint attention. Using wind up toys to target joint attention is where I start. The wind up toy stops working and you need that little one to look at you and the toy to get it going again. Joint attention is a foundational skills and this is an easy way to target it!

2. Switch activated single words. I have several kiddos working at learning to activate a single switch. Wind up toys are the perfect motivator. This week I used the carrier phrase, ‘Ready, Set..’ and my little ones hit the big mack with a programmed, ‘Go’.  Some of my little bits sat for five minutes!  They loved it!
3. Positional Concepts: We let our wind up toys go in a variety of places and see where they end up. Describe the location using a positional concept. Over, Under, Behind, Next to, etc.
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