Oh Christmas Tree – Revisited

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Need something quick for the next few days before Christmas? I have just the thing for you. Head over to my blog to read about it.

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Worth Repeating: “The Evocative Power of Toys”

Editor’s Note: Check out the comment on this article submitted by PediaStaff Guest Columnist and SLP, Sherry Artemenko of Play on Words!

[Source:  Wall Street Journal]

by Ralph Gardner

Here’s how I would celebrate FAO Schwarz’s 150th anniversary if it were up to me: I’d move the store back across the street, to the southeast corner of 58th Street and Fifth Avenue—as everyone knows, it’s now in the GM Building—and renovate it so it looked just like it did in 1963, give or take a year, when I was in my toy heyday.

During my childhood, after poring through the catalog at home, picking out the toys I wanted and plotting (usually unsuccessfully) how I was going to persuade my parents to buy them for me, I’d get to visit the store a couple of times a year. It was like seeing your favorite celebrities in person. All the toys I fantasized about the other 363 days were there, large as life: the $125 Fort Apache with firing slits; the Corgi Toy version of James Bond’s Aston Martin with hidden machine guns and rear bulletproof screen; the rideable, battery-powered Stutz Bearcat; the Lionel train village; the Skil-Craft career chemistry set that your parents would never buy you because you could blow yourself up.

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Educator’s Corner: Skills and Deficits Associated with HFA Students

Editor’s Note:  It is important to note that children who are not diagnosed with HFA, but who have been diagnosed with severe ADD/ADHD may have very similar skills and deficits as the described below for the child with HFA.

[Source:  My Aspergers Child]

“I am an elementary school teacher. I have a student diagnosed with high functioning autism this year (5th grade). What are some of the positive attributes associated with this disorder that I can capitalize on? And what are some of the autism-related challenges that I will need to be aware of? Thank you in advance!”

Children with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism (HFA) definitely have certain skills, for example:

  • Many have exceptional musical ability
  • They tend to have excellent rote memories
  • They often become “experts” in one or two subjects (e.g., prehistoric monsters, history of steam trains, geology, genealogy of royalty, characters in a television serial, bus time-tables, astronomy, etc.)
  • They often excel at board games needing a good rote memory (e.g., chess)
  • They usually absorb every available fact concerning their chosen interest and can talk about it at length

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SLP Activity of the Week: Christmas Would You Rather Questions

We love this one!   Here are some fun Would You Rather Questions to use during the Holiday Season.  Great for stimulating conversation!

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Pinterest Pin of the Week: 10 Sensory Winter / Christmas Activities

Here is a blog post of sensory holiday activities that was extremely popular on our Pinterest boards last week.   Please enjoy “Sensory Christmas Crafts & Activities:”

[Source: Wonderbaby.org]

I’ve always felt that the best way to celebrate any holiday or season is with crafts!

Easter and spring have egg and flower crafts, autumn has natural crafts with colorful leaves and pokey pine cones, but winter and Christmas is the best time for crafts that engage all the senses.

During the holidays we are baking, decorating and spending time with family and friends.

Get your kids involved by having them help in the kitchen, create Christmas decorations or make their own gifts to give to their friends. There are so many ways to engage all kids, including those with visual impairments or other disabilities.

Visit Wonderbaby.org for all 10 great crafts!

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