Activity of the Week: The Inside of an Apple Craft

[Source:  I Heart Crafty Things]

Apples are one of my daughter’s favorite snacks! She loves when we slice it open and she sees the fun star seed shape inside, so we decided to make this darling Apple Craft that gives a unique focus on the insides of an apple. The use of a clear plastic drink lid helps achieve an awesome dimensional look to the craft.

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SLP Corner: With a Bit of Grace

by Kim Lewis, M. Ed., CCC-SLP

When I was in grad school, our campus clinic saw a high percentage of fluency clients.  One of the clinical supervisors was passionate about this area of our field and, as a result, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients ranging in age from preschool to college to a sweet elderly woman who, I realize now, was there more to train us then for any help she really needed.

We practiced guided relaxation, easy onsets, pullouts, cancellation, DAF—all the techniques we’d read about in our texts.

Fluency therapy is often so different than other areas of practice.  Often there are no concomitant speech or language issues.  So there’s the opportunity to have conversations Continue reading

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Back to School WH- Game Board

[Source: Speech Time Fun]

I still have another 3-4 weeks left of summer but I know some of you are coming close to that back to school season.  I want to try and post back to school ideas to help get you prepared!  Since my game boards have been popular in the past, I created one with the back to school theme!  Not only will these questions work on increasing utterance length and distinguishing between question forms, but it will also work on school vocabulary and elicit conversation.

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School Psych Corner: The Limitations of Teaching ‘Grit’ in the Classroom

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[Source:  The Atlantic]


The first time I heard a preschooler explaining a classmate’s disruptive behavior, I was surprised at how adult her 4-year-old voice sounded.

Her classmate “doesn’t know how to sit still and listen,” she said to me, while I sat at the snack table with them. He couldn’t learn because he couldn’t follow directions, she explained, as if she had recently completed a behavioral assessment on him.

Months before either of these children would start kindergarten, they had formed judgements about who was smart and capable of learning and who was not. They had absorbed ideas on why some students wrote their names neatly, and others broke crayons.

What the little girl didn’t know about her classmate was that his family life was chaotic, without consistent routines or caregivers. He had suffered some traumas at home, which showed in his behavior at school.

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10 Free Back to School Printables and Forms for School Based Therapists

[Source: Your Therapy Source]


Well folks, the time has officially come for back to school again!  Every year that goes by I feel like the summer goes faster and faster.  When school does start back up again, I do find it much easier to have a routine and to try and stay ahead of the curve.  In reality though, being organized and prepared are not some of my strengths.  Being creative and flying by the seat of my pants are definitely my strengths!  That being said, I thought I would be proactive for you and organize some back to school printables to at least keep you prepared:

Download These Great Materials From Your Therapy Source

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