SLP Corner: Stars Wars and Speech Therapy Just Might Be the Perfect Match

by Erik X. Raj


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . came a wonderful app that is out of this world (pun intended, lol!). The app that I’m writing about is none other than Disney’s official Star Wars app. Though it’s currently summer vacation for many of you wonderful clinicians located in the United States, this break from providing speech therapy services gives all of us school-based speech-language pathologists the perfect opportunity to “test drive” some new apps in anticipation for the upcoming academic school year. And right now, I’m testin’ this one.

So let’s take some time to chat about Star Wars!

I have to be completely honest with you . . . I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan. And please don’t take that the wrong way because I totally respect Star Wars for it’s brilliance and excitement. The original movie was absolutely ahead of it’s time and it brings me joy to know that the Star Wars saga continues to live on and evolve for new generations to enjoy. But for some reason, it never really did it for me.

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OT Corner: Backpack Safety for Kids

Editor’s Note:  School is open in much of the country!  Here is an excellent article about backpack awareness that you can share with the parents/guardians of your students and clients.

backpack2by Julie Entwistle, MBA, BHSc (OT), BSc (Health / Gerontology)

Backpacks are a staple for every student. They travel back and forth between home and school, lugging books and school supplies. They are put through the unavoidable daily abuse of being thrown on the ground, trampled on, stuffed into a cubby or locker, saving a spot in line, and become over-stretched and over-used with the necessities of school. They are a necessary part of your child’s education, yet how much thought do you really put into the backpack your child wears aside from maybe price or color?  Have you considered the health implications of an improperly worn, fitted, or poorly supportive backpack?

Backpacks are meant to be worn over both shoulders so that the weight can be evenly distributed across some of the largest and strongest muscles in the body. Due to this, backpacks are preferable to shoulder bags, however they must be worn properly in order to avoid postural issues and injuries to the back, shoulder, and/or neck (1). Additionally, backpacks that are too heavy or large increase a child’s risk of injury due to falling or tripping (2). The following are some simple tips to help ensure your child’s backpack is fitted properly in order to avoid any negative health implications.

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SLP Freebie of Week: Free Reading Games for Bossy R Words

bossy r[Source:  The Measured Mom]

A few weeks ago, I shared my printable no-prep games to help teach beginning blends.  I created a set of similar games to teach bossy r words.  And when I told my Five that we were going to play some four-in-a-row reading games, he showed unusual enthusiasm.

“YAY! I love those games!”  (This was a  nice contrast from what he usually says when I tell him we are going to play some learning games…)

These games follow the same format as my no-prep blends games.

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Peds Therapy Activity: Origami Cat Finger Puppet / Pencil Toppers

[Source:  Red Ted Art]

Check out these adorable origami cat finger puppet on Red Ted Art.   Perfect for Back to School pencil toppers they would be great for conversation skills, are ideal for fine motor and following directions and would even be excellent for talk therapy with the little ones.


Watch the “How To” Video on Red Ted

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School Nurse’s Corner: The Vaccination Gap – Managing Growing Trends in Immunization

[Source:  NASN Radio]


Despite the legendary work historically done by school nurses to get students vaccinated, immunization gaps still exist.  In this segment, NASN Radio discusses how school nurses can help close the chasm among all populations

Listen to the Broadcast on NASN Radio


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