Placement of the Week: BCBA – West Suburban Chicago

silhouette of father with two kids

silhouette of father with two kids

Congratulations to Laura C., on her new position as a BCBA for PediaStaff’s Autism clinic client in West Suburban Chicago, IL..

Laura will be working primarily in home based therapy.   The client sees patients ages 2-22 with multiple diagnoses primarily on the autism spectrum. These children have mild to moderate degrees of autism and need therapy focused on sensory integration, social skills and life skills.

She will working as part of a collaborative team with Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and with COTAs.

This is an excellent opportunity.  Great job, Laura!

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Powerful Role of Experience in Linking Language and Cognition in Infants

[Source:  Medical X-Press]


Even before infants understand their first words, they have already begun to link language and thought. Listening to language boosts infant cognition. New evidence provides even greater insight into the crucial role of language exposure in infants’ first months of life, according to Northwestern University research.

Prior research has found that infants come into the world equipped with an initially broad link, one that encompasses the communicative signals of both humans and nonhuman primates. At 3 months old, listening to both human and nonhuman primate (lemur) vocalizations supports infants’ ability to form categories, a building block of cognition. But by 6 months, the link has narrowed, with only human vocalizations supporting categorization. Infants’ initially broad link to cognition is sculpted by their experience.
Northwestern researchers sought to understand what mechanisms underlie this rapid tuning process and document in a new study the crucial role of experience as infants tune this link specifically to human language.

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Fine Motor Knot Tying Activity

[Source: Hands On As We Grow]


This fine motor knot tying activity is one that my kids have been playing with a lot recently. The fine motor skills that are developed with this simple activity are immense.

While simply tying knots with small pieces of ribbon, children can develop bilateral coordination, pincer grasp, an open thumb web space, dexterity, and strength of the hand muscles.

I love coming up with simple activities for my kids. Easy, low-prep activities like this one interest the child and develop so many skills in fun ways.

Kids don’t realize they are building essential skills when they are playing and exploring!

For this activity, I used ribbon from our craft stash to create a ribbon bin.

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Planet Sun Catchers

[Source: Pre-K Pages]

sun catchers

Preschoolers love to study the planets and outer space in general. I know my preschoolers get excited to sit outside before bedtime and gaze at the sky above us.

We talk about the stars, constellations, the moon, and the planets. They wonder aloud what planets are like, why they’re there, how long they’ve been there . . . and about a million other questions that preschoolers like to ask! While I don’t have all the answers, I love the chance to turn their big questions into learning opportunities. I decided I would help them visualize the sun and our solar system with this planet sun catcher activity.

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Senator Calls For Full Funding Of IDEA

[Source: Disability Scoop]


An influential U.S. senator is urging his colleagues to work toward plugging a special education funding shortfall of more than $17 billion.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is calling for the federal government to fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

“For far too long, federal funding for special educational services has fallen short by tens of billions of dollars,” Schumer said. “With millions of children living with autism and other developmental disabilities, it’s time to provide full federal funding towards the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which will help our nation’s children thrive and help countless families breathe easy knowing their kids have the services needed to succeed.”

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