A Promise of Outstanding Occupational Therapy Care

Editor’s Note:  What a wonderful video!  What do you promise to do?

[Source: St. Louis University OT Department]


As the Class of 2015 Master of Occupational Therapy Students at Saint Louis University complete their coursework and get sent off to Level 2 Fieldwork, they made a promise to provide outstanding occupational therapy services to all their future clients.

Watch this Wonderful Video Through this Link



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Video App Breaks Down Complex Activities of Daily Living

[Source:  AdvanceWeb]

ip2ONE OF THE best new research-based teaching aids is video modeling. It has been proven
to be effective with adults as well as children, whether they are learning a new skill, such as
a child with autism learning how to tie shoes, or the adult who has to re-learn skills that have been lost due to brain injury or stroke.

The InPromptu app allows the person to watch a series of video clips, each of which
shows a part of a skill. This allows a breakdown of complex and difficult skills into smaller
steps. As the user learns the skill, they can choose how many clips to watch or they can choose to watch the task in its entirety from beginning to end.

This app was developed by Ohio State University. According to its website, “Drs. Helen
Malone and Joe Wheaton were awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education
to develop a technology together with parents, school personnel, and community members
that was designed to assist individuals with significant intellectual disabilities with
acquiring and maintaining daily living skills using video presented via an iPod touch.”

Read the Rest of this App Review on Advance Web


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Hot Job: Bilingual School Based SLP – San Francisco, CA – CFs Welcome!


We are seeking a Bilingual Spanish Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to work with the kiddos from K-8 grade for a school in San Francisco, California.  This full time position is to start as soon as possible and go through June, 2015 with the possibility for summer school.  

Qualifications: Must hold a Masters degree in Communication Sciences; a current state license (or eligible).  CFs with School Fieldwork will be considered.  A support team and supervision is available.  

Pediatric therapy is our specialty!  Respond now and learn how YOU can be a part of our team! There is never a charge to applicants and new graduates are always encouraged to apply.

Position is available either independent contractor or W2.

Apply for this Job on our Website Today!

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Puberphonia – A Male with a Female Voice

All material Copyright © 2009 Gal Levy
By: Gal Levy, MS CCC-SLP

Gal Levy M.Sc. CCC-SLP, has more than 20 years of experience in clinical treatments of voice, fluency, articulation and tongue mobility.


Gal is a founder of a Linkedin voice or voiceless online group as well as founder of an online stuttering group in Facebook. He is currently Director of Community Development, Voice Health & Science at the Modern Vocalist.com, the largest website for professional voice users on the internet. Gal also practices in numerous settings including his private practice, school models and home health.

Gal’s monthly radio show in collaboration with KEOM 88.5FM advised local listeners about voice and fluency disorders and treatments. Gal is a member in good standing of ASHA (CCC-SLP), TSHA, ISHLA and The Voice Foundation. You may reach him via galslp@galwave.biz or www.galwave.biz or VM: 206-203-0591.

What is a normal voice change?

When a young man is reaching the age of 16 (with some teens it starts at the age of 13 or younger) his voice must have changed to become a more “manly” voice…dropping down the pitch to the male voice range of Tenor, Baritone or Bass.
Adam’s apple will become evident as the system lowers anatomically, making his vocal cords longer and the tone they produce lower (coming down from the child’s voice of around 400Hz to a man’s voice around 100 Hz). Continue reading

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OT Corner: Ouchy, Itchy, Scratchy, Ewey! – Ideas for Kids with High Sensitivity to Clothing

All material Copyright © 2010 Smart Knit Kids This article is reprinted with the express permission of Smart Knit Kids

By: Kam Howard


Editor’s Note: This article is written more for parents than therapists, but we are featuring it this week as something you might like to reprint and give to the parents of your kiddos.

The dreaded morning routine
Tags are scratchy, shirt or jean seams “hurt,” and awful sock seams feel like lumps and bumps in shoes. Who knew something as simple as getting dressed could throw a household’s whole morning routine into a tale-spin ending with lots of tears, missed buses, and being late for school or work.

As a mom of a highly sensitive child, I had many of those dreaded mornings when my daughter was younger. I had no idea that there were other parents out there struggling with the same issues. I dealt with it the best I could, even if it meant taking off and putting Continue reading

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