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7 Classic Children’s Books That Teach Kids Mindfulness

[Source:  Mindful Magazine]

In recent years, there has been an explosion of books for kids about mindfulness and contemplative practice. Many of these wonderful books are explicitly about discovering the present moment, impermanence, equanimity, and other similar concepts. The best of these books are deceptively simple. Many have few words or a single, simple idea. The most elegant ones do not resort to preachy exposition.

Some of the most insightful lessons, however, come from books that are not actually trying to teach mindfulness! Just as mindfulness has been around for a long time, so too have picture books that convey mindful messages. In many cases, we just never noticed these lessons before. As parents, and children’s book authors ourselves, we have discovered that many of the best books about mindfulness are often just the best kids’ books.

With this inspiration in mind, we’ve put together a list of classic children’s books with profound lessons on mindfulness. We hope you’ll share your favorite classics with us, too.

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