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8 Children’s Books That Celebrate A Variety Of Different Dads


What makes someone a good dad?

If you ask my four-year-old son (and I did), he’d tell you that the thing he loves most about his dad is that “he likes to build things with me, and he always gives me a hug at bedtime.” And for kids, that’s really the key, isn’t it? Spend time with them, give them your attention and affection, and as far as they’re concerned, you’re hitting it out of the park as a dad.

Yet, I still feel like it can still be hard for fathers to shake the whole “bumbling dad” trope that has persisted for so long in popular culture. While there are plenty of real-life dads out there who are hands-on when it comes to raising their kids, somehow dads on television and in movies are often still depicted as inept babysitters who shouldn’t be tasked with caring for a cactus, let alone another human life. Maybe that’s why it’s so refreshing to find that, when it comes to depictions of the father-child relationship, children’s books are really getting it right.

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