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Autism Corner: Autism Awareness is Not Enough

[Source:  Ellen Nothbohm]

What does autism “awareness” mean to you? Better question—what does it mean to those who think autism doesn’t touch them?

“Awareness” may be another one of those words I have to consign to quotation marks, along with “normal” and “typical.” Awareness was an ambitious goal ten years ago, and still is in many countries, but here in the United States it is no longer enough for me. Awareness that doesn’t result in action clangs hollow to me. “Yes, we are aware that some people have autism, and we would do something about it if we could but we can’t so we won’t . . . It’s not my job . . . Our school, our community doesn’t have the money . . . We don’t have the time . . . We don’t have anyone in our

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