Autism Corner: How Autism Families Are Coping With The Pandemic

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[Source:  PR Newswire]

When COVID-19 arrived in New York, Dr. Wendy Chung, principal investigator of the SPARK study and a physician in New York City, knew that this was a singular moment in time. She wanted to understand how the pandemic was affecting families with autism across the country — in real time — and then share what she found with the community. She sent SPARK study participants a quick but important survey. SPARK, the largest study of autism families in the United States, was designed to allow for this kind of rapid data collection and sharing of information.

To learn how COVID-19 is affecting the autism community, on March 20, SPARK launched a massive online survey to almost 70,000 families, and within two weeks, received responses from over 8,000. The results show that many families are coming up with innovative and successful strategies to navigate therapies, education, and daily life, whereas others are struggling to handle the new challenges.

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