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Autism Corner: The Real Reasons Autistic People Are Stressed During the Holiday Season

[Source: Neuroclastic]

Holidays are thrilling times for a lot of people, but autistics– even if they love the season– tend to be extra stressed.

One grievance I’ve consistently seen from neurotypical/non-autistic parents and partners of autistics is that they struggle with understanding how their autistic loved one handles birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions.

In fact, many non-autistic people are hurt by how autistics do– or don’t do– holidays. Neurotypical folk often feel their autistic loved one is selfish, negative, or uncaring.

That’s because they don’t know how to interpret autistics.

Autistic differences– social, emotional, sensory, and cognitive– impact the way we perceive the world, form values, rank priorities, and interact with loved ones.

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