Career Corner: So You Have a Job Interview…Now What?

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by Maureen Wilson, M.S. CCC-SLP of  The Speech Bubble blog

Congratulations! You’ve graduated, or are about to, and you have scheduled a job interview. I remember being excited and nervous when I scheduled my first interview.  It was my first real, big girl job interview…but I didn’t really know what to expect. What questions would they ask? Should I ask questions? What was I going to wear ?!  With interview season approaching I thought I would offer some tips I have learned over the years being both the interviewer and interviewee.

1.  Dress for Success

As you walk in the door, the people who will be interviewing you will notice your clothes.  While I wish impressions were made on personality alone, unfortunately, they are not.  So with that, here are some tips for looking the part for your interview…

  • Make sure your clothes fit! Wearing clothes that fit you will make you more comfortable. It is easier to answer questions when you can breath.
  • Make sure they are clean. Lay out the clothes you are planning on wearing and give them a once over just to be safe. Stains, dirt marks, and tears, can give the impression that you don’t care.
  • Make sure you are covered! I cannot stress that enough. I have interviewed people who were great; they had all the right answers, wonderful personality, but I couldn’t get past how short their skirt was! You don’t want that to be what your interview panel remembers about you!

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