Easy Worry Dolls – with Clothes Pegs

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[Source:  Red Ted Art]

Finally, I get to share these adorable Worry Dolls.  I love the simplicity of these Worry Dolls as well as the bright and cheerful colors. I think Worry Doll Crafts are a great SUMMER CRAFT for kids – as you can make them and take them with you to Summer Camp or the Grandparent’s house. Wherever there is separation and a little worry.. these worry dolls will help!

Worry Dolls are traditional little dolls originally made in Guatemala – the idea is simple – if at night you find yourself worrying about things (and worries have a habit of bothering you when you are trying to sleep), you tell your worries to these little dolls and place them under your pillow. The traditional worry dolls are very small, made from things like matchsticks and scraps of fabric. Since then, there are lots of variations of making these bright and colorful worry dolls.

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