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Employer’s Corner: Labor Department Is Cracking Down on Providers’ Use of 1099 Contractors, Lawyer Warns

[Source: Med City News]

As healthcare organizations continue to battle major workforce shortages, many are turning to labor from staffing agencies. But before healthcare providers onboard workers sourced from these agencies, they should make sure these laborers are hired as W-2 employees rather than 1099 independent contractors, said Dane Steffenson, founder and managing partner at Dane Law, in a recent interview.

Steffenson was a trial attorney at the Department of Labor for nearly 20 years — he has litigated more than 250 cases, many with damages exceeding a million dollars. Now practicing at Dane Law, he is keeping a close eye on the Department of Labor’s efforts to ensure healthcare providers are complying with the law as it pertains to contract labor and overtime pay.

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