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Feed the Turkey Thanksgiving Activity

[Source: Busy Toddler]

Feed the Turkey with this super easy toddler Thanksgiving activity. With just construction paper, a bottle, and pom poms, create a Thanksgiving activity that will hold your toddler’s attention all month long. This fine motor workout keeps kids coming back for more turkey fun.

What is “Feed the Turkey?”
Please don’t look at this idea and think “She is so crafty!”

I am not crafty.

Crafty people can make their own holiday wreaths and turn a few gourds into a Martha Stewart centerpiece. That’s not exactly what’s going on with Feed the Turkey.

Feed the Turkey is (in a nut shell) a recycled activity with a turkey face on it. I promise I’m trying to sell you on this activity, but I’m also trying to be honest – it was that easy and it’s that awesome. My kids will be playing with it until the actual turkey is carved.

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