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Flat Marble Manipulatives are Perfect at Home


While teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic this year, teachers will need manipulatives that are easy to clean as well as inexpensive.

It would be so easy to resort to just photocopying worksheets, but that’s not how children learn best. Children need to use manipulatives, but here’s the dilemma with Covid-19 teaching materials:

If you’re teaching distance learning, you need to send manipulatives home.
If you’re teaching in-person classes, you have to clean manipulatives constantly or find enough to give each child their own set.
Flat marbles are the perfect manipulatives for Covid-19 teaching. Whether teaching in-person classes, distance learning, or a hybrid model, these flat marbles will work well for each model.

What are Flat Marble Manipulatives?  Flat marbles are the glass marbles with a flat bottom that are used as vase filler. They are widely available – you can get them from Dollar Tree, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and countless other places. They sometimes come in a net bag and sometimes come in larger quantities in a container.

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