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OT Corner: Letter Formation Rhymes

29th November, 2023

[Source: The OT Toolbox]

When working on handwriting skills, letter rhymes are a tool to have in your toolbox! Whether you are looking for summer enrichment, or planning for the upcoming school year, the OT Toolbox is highlighting letters with posts on games, activities, worksheets, and this one on Letter Formation Rhymes. Pair these multi-sensory activities with hands-on letter formation activities and letter formation worksheets for engaging and motivating skill-building.

Before getting into letter formation rhymes, it’s important to understand the underlying skills necessary for writing letters with accuracy and automaticity when it comes to handwriting.

When it comes to auditory processing skills, auditory memory is a factor that improves carryover skills. The auditory memory tool of a rhyme to support letter creation is a spark for legible formation and the functional pencil stroke sequences in letter formation, however if the underlying components are not in place, a rhyme or letter song will not help.

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