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OT Corner: 10 Games to Practice Crossing the Midline

6th January, 2021

[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

Crossing midline is the ability to cross over an imaginary line down the center of your body from head to toes, separating the body into a left and right side.  This skill requires that the right and left sides of the brain work together to create a motor action.  Here are 10 games to play to practice crossing midline:

Participating in a tug of war.  A fun game of tug of war encourages hands to midline, hands to cross the midline and excellent proprioceptive input.

Play with toy cars.  Draw a big road on a flattened cardboard box.  The child can sit on the floor and drive the car along the road crossing the midline.

Relay races that encourage bilateral coordination skills.  Run to a cone and complete 10 windmills or 10 cross crawls and return to start.  Line up children shoulder to shoulder and pass the ball down the line from child to child.  Line up children back to back.  Pass the ball to each other keeping your backs touching.

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