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10 Tips for Written Expression for Students with Working Memory Deficits

10th October, 2017

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Working memory is used when a student needs to think and remember at the same time.  For written expression, a student has to brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts, plan, construct sentences, remember correct grammar and review the writing format all while remembering what words need to be written on the paper.  Therefore, written expression can be difficult for student with working memory deficits.  Some students may omit words, repeat words, miss errors or forget what was to be written.

Here are some tips for written expression for students with working memory deficits:

  1. reduce overall cognitive load by focusing only on the writing assignment with no distractions
  2. keep work space well organized
  3. make the writing assignment requirements shorter
  4. repeat the sentence orally a few times before starting to write the sentence
  5. complete a first draft where grammar and spelling can be corrected

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