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10 Ways to Practice Catching and Throwing Skills By Yourself

6th January, 2014

[Source:  Your Therapy Source]
Here are 10 ways to encourage catching and throwing skills in children that they can do all by themselves:
1.  Toss a balloon up in the air and catch it.
2.  Bat a balloon up and down in the air using your hands.  How many times can you keep it up in the air without it dropping to the floor?
3.  Toss a scarf or small handkerchief in the air and catch it.
4.  Try throwing up a playground size ball and catching it and then progress to a tennis ball.
5.  Try tossing and catching a ball up in the air standing inside of a hula hoop.
6.  Walk forward and toss and catch a balloon, scarf or ball depending upon your abilities.
7.  Toss a balloon or ball up in the air, clap your hands and then catch the ball.
8.  Bounce a ball on the floor and catch it.
9.  Bounce a ball on the floor, clap your hands and catch it.
10.  Toss a ball at the wall, let the ball bounce and catch it.
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