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45 Essential Vestibular Activities and Input Ideas

[Source: Your Kids Table]

Vestibular input is incredibly powerful and can have amazing or surprising effects. Vestibular processing is nearly always at work in everything we do, arguably more than any other sensory system. Vestibular activities, when used correctly, have the ability to calm and soothe a child, as well as improve many aspects of development like coordination, handwriting, attention, and even reading!

Unfortunately, vestibular processing is often not understood, and when we don’t understand it, we can’t use it to help our kids!  Some of our kids seek vestibular input, like my son.  He loves to climb, swing high, and log roll down the hill in the back yard. But, he doesn’t stop there, he will often get creative, and when he does, I’ll find him hanging upside down somewhere or backing himself up against a wall and climbing his feet up it with his head down so that he’s inverted!

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