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Autism Corner: Autism and the Benefits of Exercise

24th December, 2014


Anthony Angelico is strong. His push-ups are performed with impressive stamina, and he can take on hurdles both forward and backwards. His coach, Dave Geslak, who has helped him implement this exercise regimen, is certainly proud of his many physical strides.

But it’s not just his physique that’s improved. His mother Mary has noticed the difference, “He has an improved attitude after with exercise because there are things that have always been a battle, like homework.” Anthony agrees, “I feel a little bit more confident, and I feel a little bit happier that way. I’ve gotten better at my homework and my job.”

Feeling confident and strong is sometimes challenging when you’re 17. And, for Anthony, being on the autism spectrum also presents its own set of challenges, and that’s where exercise comes in. Research has shown the tremendous and tangible benefits of physical activity when it comes to minimizing certain negative behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorders.

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