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Could Micronutrient Supplements Combat ADHD?

23rd October, 2017

[Source:  Medical News Today]

Over recent years, interest has developed around diet and its influence on ADHD. For instance, a study looking at the diets of adolescents concluded that “[a] Western-style diet may be associated with ADHD.”

Similarly, the authors of a study looking at the potential benefits of the Mediterranean diet on ADHD wrote, “Our data support the notion that not only specific nutrients but also the whole diet should be considered in ADHD.”

Another research team — who investigated the relationship between vitamins and ADHD in young adults — found that lower concentrations of B-2, B-6, and B-9 were associated with ADHD, and B-2 and B-6 were linked to the severity of the symptoms.

In general, studies into the relationship between micronutrients and ADHD have concentrated on manipulating one specific nutrient at a time. This is generally the best method for scientific inquiry: change just one variable and measure the outcome.

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