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Dyslexia in the News (ABC) Are Color-Filtering Lenses: Better Reading for Children with Dyslexia?

1st December, 2011

[Source: ABC News]

Specially tinted lenses originally developed for color blindness are helping some U.S. dyslexics read faster and see words more clearly, confirming the claims of the lenses’ British inventor and the company that started selling them here in September.
As soon as Max Klinger, a Miami first-grader recently diagnosed with dyslexia, got glasses with the special lenses, “all he wanted to do is read,” his mother Michelle Klinger said. “He told me the letters stopped moving; they stopped popping out for him. He went from a child who hated reading to asking, ‘Can we go buy chapter books?'”
Although Max, 6, has worn the lenses only a month, “I see a huge difference,” his mother said Tuesday. “His behavior is completely different. I see a confident child, excited to go to school, excited to read. I attribute it to the glasses. That’s the only change we’ve made.”
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