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OT Activities of the Week: 30 Toddler Fine Motor Activities

[Source:  Hands on as We Grow]

These fine motor activities for toddlers include threading, poking, pinching, tracing and focusing on hand and eye coordination! And they’re all easy enough for toddlers in the 1-3 year old range to do! Have fun!

Here is the list of activities!finemotor

1. Pom Pom Drop
2. Pipe Cleaners and a Colander
3. Beginner Tracing with Objects
4. Thread a Fruit Loop Necklace
5. Peel Tape
6. BIG Beginner Weaving
7. Hammering Tees
8. Ribbons and a Bottle
9. Crafts Sticks and a Bottle
10. Painting With Water
11. Make a Rattle
12. Thread a Bird Feeder
13. Squirt and Fizz with Colored Vinegar
14. Trace Lines of Chalk
15. Pick up Blocks with Tongs
16. Nuts & Bolts
17. Clothespins on a Bucket
18. Pouring Water
19. Play Dough and Tees
20. Thread a Straw Necklace
21. Pipe Cleaner Sprinkles
22. Egg Carton Train
23. Sort Pom Poms
24. Stack Canned Foods as Blocks
25. Bucket and a Clothesline
26. Snip Straws
27. Thread Dry Spaghetti
28. Thread Dandelions in a Basket
29. Make a Spring Tree Craft (or an Apple Tree for Fall)
30. Write ‘Letters’ and Mail Them

Visit Hands on As We Grow With Links to All These Great Activities!

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