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Fingertip Sphere Breathing for Self Regulation & Calming

[Source:  Omazing Kids]

I learned this technique during one of the webinars in the Preschool Mindfulness Summit in January. It was amazing to see how well it worked with one of my patients who has Autism (and possibly OCD and Explosive Disorder). This child has a very short fuse and when he explodes it is painful for everyone including him. We had tried several different strategies to help him learn self-regulation and self-calming skills with little success. The issue was in that explosive moment he was too out of control to use any strategies.

During our last session, he became obsessed over a particular page in a board book, insisting that he had to “see the page in the middle” and then exploding when I removed the book to prevent it from being damaged. I then closed my eyes, placed my fingertips together and slowly

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